North Channel Sprits is the holding company for Frísco Liquor.


Frísco is a supremely sippable, clean and flavorful clear spirit for any occasion. Its subtle floral overtones are layered with suggestions of tropical fruit resulting in a full, yet delicately smooth taste with zero burn. Delicious on its own and supremely mixable, Frísco is a wholly new, American-made taste like nothing you’ve ever experienced. The result a is dangerously smooth spirit and we know you will love. 




Frísco Launched in the Spring of 2017 with lots of fan fare. So not that long ago! It has already been very well received and sales have gone cost to cost.   


Frisco received Silver Medal honors in the LA International Spirits Competition, which occurred in May just weeks after launching. Not a bad start!


Crafted in San Francisco from grapes sourced from neighboring California vineyards, Frísco is double distilled on a copper pot still in small batches, followed by a charcoal mellowing – a technique rarely used on this type of spirit.



The social sphere of our Frísco Liquor Brand is pretty awesome.


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